Dreams of Oman – operated by H & M Tours, founded in 2014 by specialists in the tourism industry with years of experience. The founding members from Austria and Sri Lanka living and working 10 to 14 years in Oman. Early 2017 a new business partner from Germany joined our company. He is also living and working in Oman since 10 years. We have very good and special knowledge about the country and people.
With our extensive years of experience, high quality, reliability and risk minimization, we are the best partner in Oman for all travel agents and Tourists from all over the world.
We offer fair prices that allow a high standard of the events offered.
The cooperation with selected service providers on site allows us to put together the tour packages as well as any desired travel option for single travelers, business travelers and groups A-La-Carte.
If you want to treat yourself to something, you have mostly two options: one buys the generalist or you want to be particularly well served and turns to the professionals. Oman is a destination that in its diversity offers interesting travel experiences that are to enjoy the more, the better the relations of the tour operator to the local people. We have this relationship in a very significant extent, and the Sultanate of Oman can really show our guests the very best. Ideal conditions to turn your travel dreams into dream trips.
See for yourself!